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Meetings are normally held the 2nd Thursday of each month on a rotating basis at each of our commercial sponsor sites. Announcements will be made by email and by text.


Please Contact us if you wish to be put on our meeting notification email/text list.

Join Our Club Online

Pay for your membership via the buttons below.


After completing your payment, your membership information will be forwarded to the AWSC but you will NOT receive a AWSC Membership Card.   If you want the actual card you will have to come to a meeting of our club and get it.  The membership chair will have all AWSC cards at every meeting but we will not mail them.


Rather, in about a week or so, an email will be sent from us to the address you provided when you purchased your membership online.

The email will contain confirmation of receipt from the AWSC and your AWSC number. 

(just a note, your AWSC number does not change so it will be the same number as prior years if you have been a member before).

Once you have your AWSC Membership number, and/or you have received the email from us, you can go to this site and order your $10 Trail Pass from the AWSC.


Membership Renewals/Dues are  "Preferred"  at our September or October Meeting. BEFORE you need a trail pass.

Please don't expect next day service if you wait until it snows to become a member online so you can get a reduced price trail pass.


Memberships do not automatically renew and you won't be notified that dues are... well due!


That being said, we really do welcome new members and encourage anyone who is interested to join our club.

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